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No.1 Confusion in the Barcelona Subway

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010, 3:51 am

Barcelona has a great public transport system. You can easily access each part of the city by public transport. If you want to get quickly form point A to point B the fastest way is to ride the subway. We very much like the subway system. There is however one thing that the engineers did not do right. Read in this post what is the No.1 confusion in the Barcelona Subway.

The Confusion

When you want to go into the metro area, you need to pass through a turnstile. You would assume, like most tourists, that you need to insert your ticket into the machine and pass through to the left. To your surprise the turnstile does not open…  Confusingly, in Barcelona you need to use the turnstile to the right of the machine.

Usage of BCN Subway Turnstiles

You can get used to this oddity quickly but it can be rather confusing at the beginning. It is a daily scene in the metro that tourists stand in front of the entrance and don’t understand why they cannot get in.

Learn more

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Barcelona Subway Sign: fact144
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Barcelona Turnstile (1): Ibán
Barcelona Turnstile (2): Ibán

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