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Common Criminal Scams in Barcelona

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010, 2:07 pm

Barcelona is a safe place. Violent crime seldom happens. Criminals do frequent however the streets of Barcelona. You should learn about common criminal tricks to avoid becoming victim of such crimes and have a pleasant stay. Here are some scams that are quite frequent.

1. Flamenco scam

Gypsy women stop tourists. Commonly they force a red carnation onto them. They say there will be a flamenco performance, and ask for 1 cent. Tourists think that it is worth paying this small amount to get rid of the intruders. They take out their purses. The gypsy women offer to ‘help’ and put their fingers into the coin compartments. In reality they steal the notes from the note compartment. Tourists only realize this when the thieves are long gone. Do not let anyone touch your purse!

2. Fake undercover policeman scam

A young man approaches the tourist and asks for directions to a popular landmark. While they are conversing 2 or 3 men come up to them and claim to be policemen. They show an ID card that looks like a police ID. They ask if you know the person who asked for directions. They explain that the person is under suspicion of drug smuggling and they have been following him. They state the tourist to be a material witness and request an ID. When the tourist takes out his valuables they snatch them and escape. Try not to be stopped by anyone you do not know!

3. Bouncing cartoon character scam

On many streets frequented by tourists carton figures are dancing to music from a stereo. They sell for about 5 to 10 € per character. They only work because the figures are connected with a hair-thin wire to a mechanism that moves them. Do not buy them because they will not work at home!

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