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Preplanned City Guides and Travel Itineraries

1-day Rome City Guide

Our 1-day Rome City Guide shows you a step-by-step time line and itinerary for your stay in Rome. Follow it and get the best of your day in the city.

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Take Metro Line A to Ottaviano San Pietro station
09:00-10:10 St. Peter's Basilica (Church, Free)

Why visit

  • Largest Christian church in the world
  • Sublime view of the city
  • Home to Michelangelo's Pieta
Read more about St. Peter's Basilica

Photo: ChrisYunker

10:10-10:40 Piazza di San Pietro (Park and outdoors, Free)

Why visit

  • One of the best known squares in the world
  • Impressive design of Bernini
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Photo: ChrisYunker

Take Metro Line A from Ottaviano San Pietro station to Termini station (Direction: Anagnina)
Change to Metro Line B from Termini station to Colosseo station (Direction: Laurentina) - 30’ in all
11:10-12:40 Colosseum (Monument, 12 €)

Why visit

  • Iconic symbol of Imperial Rome
  • One of the most visited tourist attractions in Rome and the World
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Photo: Dixon Dixon

Take a walk to Arch of Constantine - 5’
12:45-12:55 Arch of Constantine (Monument, Free)

Why visit

  • Majestic monument
  • Symbol of victory
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Photo: ricks06

Lunch time
Take a walk to Piazza Venezia
14:30-14:50 Piazza Venezia (Park and outdoors, Free)

Why visit

  • Focal point of modern Rome
  • Imposing monument of Italian Unification
Read more about Piazza Venezia

Photo: ale3andro

Take a walk to the Pantheon - 15’
15:05-15:35 Pantheon (Monument, Free)

Why visit

  • The world's largest unreinforced concrete dome
  • One of the best preserved Roman buildings
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Take a walk to Piazza Navona - 10’
15:45-16:15 Piazza Navona (Park and outdoors, Free)

Why visit

  • One of the most beautiful squares in Rome
  • Great place for people watching
Read more about Piazza Navona
Take a walk to Trevi Fountain - 25’
16:40-17:10 Trevi Fountain (Park and outdoors, Free)

Why visit

  • One of the most familiar sights of Rome
  • A romantic spot
Read more about Trevi Fountain

Photo: khoogheem

Take a walk to Spanish Steps - 20’
17:30-18:00 Spanish Steps (Park and outdoors, Free)

Why visit

  • Rome's most beloved Rococo monument
  • A well-known symbol of Rome
Read more about Spanish Steps
end of day 1

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