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T10 Ticket in Details

One ticket - 10 rides

The T10 ticket is a public transportation ticket that is valid for 10 rides. You may use the metro, FGC (train lines similar to the metro around the city centre), buses, trams and RENFE (Spanish railways) in given Public Transportation Zones (e.g. Zone 1, Zone 1-2 etc.)

Buy it for Zone 1

It is possible to purchase a T10 ticket for each zone. Zone 1 includes, however, the main city center areas. In most cases it would be sufficient to buy the T10 ticket for only Zone 1.

The T10 ticket costs 7.85 €.

Share it with others

You can share a T10 ticket with your spouse, kids, friends or other members of your group.

Put the card in the ticket validation machine and remove it completely. The turnstile will be released and you can pass through. Hand the ticket over to the next person who wants to use the same T10 ticket.

Each validation will count as a separate ride.

Change lines within 1:15 hours

If you change lines within 1 hour and 15 min, your trip will be counted as one ride.

For example: You may change lines within the metro area or leave the metro and get on a bus to finish your journey. It works vice versa.

The total length of the journey, however, must not exceed 1 hour and 15 mins.

NOTE: you cannot re-enter the metro once you leave it. To re-enter you must validate your ticket once again.