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How long to stay in Barcelona?

Monday, January 10th, 2011, 8:30 am

After deciding where you will travel next, the next decision to make is how many days to spend there. Some cities have more to offer than others. Some have less. You may get bored one place after a day, somewhere else you may feel that you could spend the rest of your life.

How many days to stay in Barcelona?

Some say Barcelona falls into the second category. I tend to agree with this opinion. Barcelona does have a lot to offer: architecture, sun and beaches, culture, nightlife, great food, shopping, just to name a few.

Sometimes, of course, we are not free to choose how long we stay, other factors decide: e.g. you are on a business trip. In case you are free to choose here is a general guideline for you.

The minimum

Stay at least for 3 days

The bear minimum period of time you need to settle in, see the major attractions and get the feel of the city is 2-3 days.

I am saying that this is the bare minimum, because 3 days will only be enough to see the most important attractions, but you will miss many good ones that are worth visiting.

Here is your preplanned 3-day Barcelona City Guide that shows you your perfect itinerary for your stay.

The ideal length of stay

5-7 days is a good choice

Ok, if it is not 3 days, then how many? I say if you stay 5-7 days you will get a very versatile experience. You will have a chance to see the many faces of the city. You don’t have to focus on the absolute essential attractions and you will have more time to relax too.

While you can fit a day excursion into a 5-day comfortably, 7 days give you the chance to explore not only the city itself, but its great surroundings too.

Save yourself time and check out your preplanned 5-day Barcelona City Guides.

If you only have one day

Come to Barcelona anyway

You may ask: ‘If I don’t have 3 days, should I stay home?’

My answer is: ‘NO.’ Don’t get me wrong. You should visit anyway. In this case, however, you should concentrate on the centre of the city where attractions are located close to one another.

Here is your 1-day Barcelona itinerary.

How many days are you planning to spend in Barcelona? Tell us why in the comments

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