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Symbolism of La Sagrada Familia

Monday, November 22nd, 2010, 1:40 pm

In each of its aspects, La Sagrada Familia tells the story of Jesus’ life and the history of the faith.

18 Towers

The towers will symbolize biblical figures

Towers of Sagrada Familia

18 towers will decorate La Sagrada Familia when it is finished. The tallest tower of the church will be dedicated to Jesus. This tower will be surrounded by 4 smaller towers. They will represent the evangelists. The tower above the apse will be dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The 3 façades will have 4 towers each. These 12 towers will represent the 12 apostles.


The church will have 3 façades. Each façade will have a distinct story to tell with carefully planned positioning.

Nativity façade

Sagrada Familia - Nativity facade

The name of the Nativity façade comes from the fact that it tells the story of Jesus’ birth, childhood and young manhood. The Nativity faces to the East. This positioning allows the façade to receive the first ray of light each morning.

The Passion façade

The Passion façade represents the Passion of Jesus, his pain, sacrifice and death. Hence its name. The positioning of the façade, again, plays a vital symbolic role. It faces to the West and receives last ray of sunlight in the evening.

The Glory façade

When finished this will be the principal and most grandiose façade of the church. It will also serve as the main entrance leading into the central nave. The Glory façade represents the essentials of Jesus’ life, the road to God: Death, Final Judgment, and Glory. It reminds all that Hell is left for only those who refuse God’s will. The Glory façade receives the most sunlight of the three façades. It faces to the South thus being lit all day long.

Photo credits (in order of appearance): laurapadgett (featured photo), Rob Hogeslag’s, Sebastian Niedlich

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