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Hello world!

Friday, July 9th, 2010, 10:40 am

We, at, are launching our blog. From now on you will be able to read interesting articles on a number of cities that are worth visiting.

Currently Barcelona is available. Most of the articles will be about this great Spanish, or rather Catalan (just to be on the safe side :D ) city. We will be adding other destination as we move along. The next city to come is London. Paris, Rome and Budapest are already in the pipeline.

Why we launched

We want to help travelers to organize their trips in an effective and easy way. What we found is that the Internet and books overload us with information.

Many of our friends love to travel but hate to plan and organize their trips. Many times they just go without any preparation.

Our solution to this problem is preplanned city guides that are developed for first time visitors to a city and optimized generally for 1, 3 and 5 days.

No need to read endless forums, fancy traveler books or research the Internet for days. Preparation in 5 minutes!

No fancy writing

No Nonsense

You will not find fancy writing on this blog. If you want to read high level English, we suggest that you search for another blog. Our goal is not to showcase how sophisticated our writing is but to help travelers with quick, no-nonsense, easily readable  posts and travel info.

Just like (1) how to get from the Heathrow into London city center, (2) what are the common cirminal tricks in Barcelona or (3) what are the typical Hungarian dishes that you should not miss while you are in Budapest.

Group of travel lovers

We are a group of enthusiastic travelers who have been to a bunch of places and learned a lot about those places. We share our experience and suggestions on the site and on this blog, so that you can have a great trip.

No excuses not to travel

Taveling is one of the best joys in life. We want to share this fun with you. From now on you will not have an excuse not to travel!

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