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18% Sales Tax

The general value-added tax (VAT or IVA in Spanish) is 18%. Reduced rates include 4% and 7%.

Tax Refund for Non-EU residents above 90 €

Non EU residents are entitled to reclaim the 18% VAT. A purchase must be above 90 € and made at shops offering "Tax Free" or "Global Refund" shopping (see logos below).

90% of Barcelona shops

90% of the shops in Barcelona joined the TAX FREE shopping system. Look for the below logos in the windows of shops or next to the cashier.

Taxfree logo

Some member shops do not display the logos. If you cannot find them, ask the staff if they are a member.

Only goods taken out of the country personally

You can reclaim VAT only after products that you take out of the contry on your own. You are not eligible for reimbursement after products that you ship home or send with a courrier.

Process of the refund