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Why is it better to hire us to find your hotel?

No hassle

Save yourself the boring hotel research and reading through hundreds of reviews. We have done it for you.

Avoid surprises

We know the hotels the way you know things in your town. If you book the hotel we recommend, you can avoid all unpleasant suprises.

Free service

This service is 100% free for you. There are no hidden fees or any other traps. We collect a small commission from the hotel if you book the hotel we recommend.

No commitments

We don't require you to sign an order form or a contract. Our service is 100% commitment free. If you don't like the hotel that we selected for you, simply ignore it. It is our risk.

Local expert

Our local experts really know their city, especially its hotels. They are up to date with hotel reviews. They talk to real customers. They do mistery shopping and much more. You can really trust them.

How does it work?

A really simple and very quick process. This is how it goes...

Online form

You tell us your hotel preferences in an online form that takes less than 60 sec to fill out.

We search

Based on your preferences we start our search for the best hotel you can have in town.

We recommend

We send you 2 or 3 hotel recommendations that best fit your preferences. Just what you are looking for!

You book

Based on our recommendations you can book your hotel online through an extra safe channel.

Remember, this service is 100% safe for you. We don't ask for any personal or credit card details!

Let's find you a great hotel, shall we?

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