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Preplanned City Guides and Travel Itineraries

About Us

Who we are?

We are a group of enthusiastic travelers who discovered the major tourist attractions through 4 continents.

Why we created this site?

Not everybody is like us: many of our friends do not travel because they hate planning trips. Or they do travel but have a hard time organizing their trips. We created this site to make the life easier for this type of people by making the hated travel preparations as easy as browsing this site.

What was our problem with the established travel portals?

What is different about this site?

It gives instant answers by crystallizing the available information and our expertise.

What visitors get?

When you are planning your next trip what would you prefer? Spending days searching the Internet and reading countless forum entries. Buying all available guide books. Or asking somebody who lives in the city or an expert of your destination? If you like the last option most then our site is the ideal solution for you.

Pre-planned guides

The Pre-planned guides section asks you one simple question: how many days are you going to spend at your destination? Our PromptGuides show you a step-by-step time line and itinerary for your stay. Follow them and get the best of your days in the city. No searching, no planning.

Tips and Insights

The Tips and Insights section is a knowledge base in which we collected all the necessary information that travelers need to know prior their trips. It is structured in a way that is simple to use and easy to overview. No need to hunt for useful tips in forums and reading endless articles.

Tested hotels

The Tested hotels section gives you a list of hotels that we tested and hand-picked for you. These hotels will satisfy your needs within your budget. No need to read through endless hotel reviews.

What we plan in the future?

We aim to create a travel website that makes travel preparations no more than 5 minutes long thus becoming travelers' number one choice for organizing their trips. We will accomplish that by providing free, independent travel advice with local insight: pre-planned guides, tested hotels and insider tips for hundreds of destinations.

Join us!

Are you a fan of your city? Join us and become a destination expert and help thousands of travelers enjoy their stay in your city by sharing your knowledge. Contact us and become a destination expert!