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Portsmouth, New Hampshire

On this page you find practical information, photos and videos about Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

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Why visit / Interesting facts:

  • The third oldest city in the U.S.
  • New Hampshire's loveliest colonial town
  • A collection of beautiful historical buildings

Time required: 90 minutes

Phone: +1-603-431-1925

Web site: http://www.portsmouthnh....

Public transport:

Address: Portsmouth, New Hampshire - USA

Things you need to know:

  • Portsmouth is the third oldest city in the United States, and probably New Hampshire's loveliest colonial town, as well as its most prominent along the coast (the city is two miles inland from the ocean, on the Piscataqua River)
  • Portsmouth is known for its historical center, filled with 18th-century colonial buildings, plus many restaurants, caf├ęs, museums, historic houses, urban parks, and small, eclectic shops
  • Portsmouth also remains a working port town, supported by the Naval Shipyard (across the river, in Maine) in addition to the influx of high-tech companies and tourism
  • As of 2009, Portsmouth has an estimated population of 20,668
  • The town was named in honor of the colony's founder, John Mason, who has been captain of the port of Portsmouth, England. That Portsmouth was in the county of Hampshire, which is the state of New Hampshire's namesake
  • In 1774, Paul Revere rode to Portsmouth to warn them that the British were coming
  • The city's collection of beautiful historical buildings comes from its early success as a port town. With their new wealth, the city's residents built fine homes and buildings in the Colonial, Georgian, and Federal styles

What to do there:

  • Ditch the car and take advantage of Portsmouth's walkability. By foot, you'll easily come across plenty of cultural, dining, shopping, historical, and nightlife options
  • If you feel like exploring a little farther from downtown, within a few miles are several Oceanside parks, historic forts, and typical beautiful coastal views of lighthouses, sailboats, etc.
  • For a longer walk, try the nearby Portsmouth Harbor Trail
  • After walking around, it's time for a beer break. Portsmouth has several great breweries, notably Red Hook Ale Brewery and Smuttynose Brewery. Red Hook has an on-site pub that often offers special beer only available there, plus tours of the brewery. Smuttynose is the sister brewery of the Portsmouth Brewery. Head to Smuttynose for a brewery tour, and to Portsmouth Brewery, in the center of downtown, for some of the best beers in New England, and better-than-average pub food
  • Time your visit with one of the city's many festivals, including plenty during the off-season

Tips & Insights:

  • Most downtown establishments have free local maps, making a downtown walking tour even easier
  • Don't despair about leaving the car during your downtown tour - there are many parking spots and structures nearby
  • It's easy to make this a daytrip from Boston - the drive is only about one hour each way. During fall, take the long way home and go leaf-peeping in nearby Wagon Hill Farm

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