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Provincetown, Cape Cod

On this page you find practical information, photos and videos about Provincetown, Cape Cod.

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Why visit / Interesting facts:

  • Two of the best beaches in the U. S.
  • America's oldest art colony
  • Birthplace of American playwriting
  • Great festivals

Time required: 570 minutes

Web site: http://www.provincetown-...

Public transport:

Address: Provincetown, MA - USA

Photos: (see more photos)

Photo: ZaNiaC

Things you need to know:

  • Provincetown (often called "P-town") is a town located at the far tip of Cape Cod in Barnstable County, Massachusetts. It's 120 miles from Boston along the National Seashore, and is surrounded on three sides by the Atlantic Ocean and Cape Cod Bay
  • P-town is known for its beaches, harbor, artists, tourist industry, and its status as a gay resort town. Even, more is America's oldest art colony, the birthplace of American playwriting
  • Provincetown's tourist season has become so popular that the town has created festivals and weeklong events all year. The most established are the Portuguese Festival and PBG's Carnival Week, both in summer
  • The year-round population is approximately 3,500, but the seasonal population is 30,000
  • The Pilgrims first landed in Provincetown, and signed the Mayflower Compact here in 1620, but ultimately decided to settle across the bay in Plymouth instead
  • Some famous former residents include playwright Tennessee Williams, former U.S. Poet Laureate Stanley Kunitz, and fashion designer Marc Jacobs
  • Voted "Best Gay Resort Town" (PlanetOut and Out Traveler), one of "Top Five Gay-Friendly Destinations" (Travel Industry Association of America), one of "Top Five Gay Resort Towns" (Out and About Travel Awards), "Best Summer Vacation Destination" (Lavender Magazine), and one of the "50 Fabulous Gay-Friendly Places to Live" (Gregory Kompes's book by the same name)
  • It's the number one destination for same sex weddings in America

What to do there:

  • What can't you do there? How about you start with the beaches? Two of the best beaches in America are nearby Herring Cove and Race Point
  • Rent a bike and beach hop, or scope out the cutest Cape Cod house you can find
  • Don't miss Cape Cod's famous salt water taffy or, of course, its seafood
  • Get a bite to eat on Commercial Street, P-town's main drag. Try to find the town's best lobster roll
  • Time your visit with one of the town's many festivals

Tips & Insights:

  • It's hard to decide the best way to get there. If you're without a car, the ferry - both the express 90-minute one, or the cheaper 3-hour one - is a great option. If you have a car, though, it's much cheaper to use that, and you get the opportunity to see much more of Cape Cod along the way
  • To get a better sense of Cape Cod as a whole, perhaps plan to stay in another town on Cape Cod, or beach hop on the way to P-town, then get another full day or night in P-town itself
  • Consider renting a bike once you're in town. Some of the best beaches are within reach by bike, and it gives you a great way to get a real sense of the area. It's hard to beat the charm of Cape Cod

Provincetown, Cape Cod features in these preplanned City Guides: