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New Acropolis Museum

On this page you find practical information, photos and videos about New Acropolis Museum.

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Why visit / Interesting facts:

  • Beautifully presented ancient artifacts
  • Modern, stylish architecture
  • Great view from the top floor

Time required: 90 minutes

Phone: +30 210 9000900

Web site: http://www.theacropolism...

Opening hours:

Time period Opening hours
Tue - Thurs, Sat, Sun: 8am - 8pm
Friday: 8am - 10pm
Monday: Closed
Jan 1, March 25, Easter Sunday, May 1, Dec 25 and 26: Closed


Ticket type Charge
General: 5 €
Reduced: 3 €

Public transport:

  • Red Metro Line: Akropoli station

Address: 15 Dionysiou Areopagitou Street, Athens 11742

Things you need to know:

  • The New Acropolis Museum houses all the sculptures and fragments from the Acropolis of Athens. Some 4000 works are on display
  • The museum opened in 2009. The original Old Acropolis Musuem (1874) became too small to house all the new artifacts uncovered in successive excavations
  • The museum was built on an archeological site. The glass floor gives a view over the ruins of Roman and early Byzantine Athens
  • Four of the original 6 Caryatids (female shaped columns) from the Erechthion (an ancient temple in the Acropolis) are displayed here
  • Lord Elgin removed one of the Caryatids to decorate his Scottish mansion. It was later sold to the British Museum. The other Caryatids disappeared during Ottoman rule
  • Multiple unsuccessful requests were made to reclaim the statue form the British Museum. An area is reserved for the return of the Elgin marbles

What to do there:

  • Admire the impressive modern building from the outside
  • Upon entering the museum do not miss the occasionally transparent floor that provides a view of the archaeological excavation
  • Follow the well marked exhibition route. It will take you all the way up to the third floor and guide you back to the ground floor
  • Watch the informative video in the third floor video area
  • Enjoy the splendid view from the top floor
  • !

Tips & Insights:

  • It is not allowed to take photos inside
  • If you do not have the time for a full visit you can get a free ticket that only gives access to the second floor restaurant area. You can enjoy the view of the Acropolis from the terrace of the restaurant

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