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Ostia Antica

On this page you find practical information, photos and videos about Ostia Antica.

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Why visit / Interesting facts:

  • Excellently preserved ancient buildings
  • Impressive mosaics

Time required: 180 minutes

Phone: +39 06 56352830

Web site: http://www.ostia-antica....

Opening hours:

Time period Opening hours
Summer season: 8:30am - 6pm
Winter season: 8:30am - 4pm
Monday: Closed
May 1: Closed


Ticket type Charge
General: 6.5 €
Rreduced: 3.25 €

Public transport:

  • Train from Piramide station (Metro Line B) to Ostia Antica

Address: Scavi di Ostia - Via dei Romagnoli, 717 - 00119 Ostia Antica

Things you need to know:

  • Today Ostia Antica is a large archeological park with excellently preserved ancient buildings, magnificent frescoes and impressive mosaics
  • Lying right next to the sea and at the mouth of the River Tiber, some 2000 years ago, Ostia Antica was a lively international port city
  • The city was founded in the 4th century B.C. and gradually became more important as Rome grew
  • Much of Rome's imports from the Mediterranean came in here
  • Huge storage facilities were built here for grain, one of the most important commodity to feed Rome's one million large population
  • Goods were transported to Rome on the River Tiber
  • The sea now is about 3 km away and the Tiber has also changed its course

What to do there:

  • Buy a map of the site with suggested itineraries (available for 2 € from the ticket office)
  • Walk around admiring the ancient ruins
  • Top 10 features to see are: Decumanus Maximus, Theatre, Casa di Diana and Thermopolium, Museum, Forum, Capitolium, Terme dei Sette Sapienti, House of Cupid and Psyche, Terme di Nettuno, Mithraeum of the Serpents

Tips & Insights:

  • Bring a picnic, or eat at the site's pleasant cafe

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