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3-day Lisbon City Guide

Our 3-day Lisbon City Guide shows you a step-by-step time line and itinerary for your stay in Lisbon. Follow it and get the best of your days in the city.

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Take Metro Line Blue or Green to Baixa-Chiado station
09:00-09:15 Praça do Comércio (Park and outdoors, Free)

Why visit

  • Neo-classical square
  • Surrounded by elegant arcades
Read more about Praça do Comércio

Photo: hamadryades

Take Tram nr 28 from Rua da Conceiçao stop to Largo Das Portas Do Sol stop (Direction: Martim Morez)
Take a walk to the Castle of Sao Jorge - 45’ in all
10:00-11:20 Castle of São Jorge (Monument, 7 €)

Why visit

  • Breathtaking views over the city
  • One of Lisbon's most notable attractions
Read more about Castle of São Jorge
Take a walk to Alfama neighbourhood - 10’
11:30-12:30 Alfama neighbourhood (Park and outdoors, Free)

Why visit

  • Picturesque views
  • Charming neighborhood
Read more about Alfama neighbourhood
Take a walk to Sé Cathedral
12:30-13:00 Sé Cathedral (Church, Free)

Why visit

  • Lisbon's oldest church
  • Well-known Lisbon landmark
Read more about Sé Cathedral
Lunch time
Take the Ferry from Cais do Sodre station across the river to Cacilhas
From Cacilhas take Bus nr 101 to Cristo Rei monument
15:30-16:10 Monumento a Cristo Rei (Monument, 4 €)

Why visit

  • Breathtaking view over the city
  • One of the city's great landmarks
Read more about Monumento a Cristo Rei
Take Bus nr 101 to Cacilhas
Take the Ferry from Cacilhas across the river to Cais do Sodre station
Take a walk to Rua Augusta - 60’ in all
17:10-18:10 Rua Augusta and the Baixa streets (Park and outdoors, Free)

Why visit

  • Lisbon's lively pedestrian street
  • Mosaic pavements and outdoor cafés
Read more about Rua Augusta and the Baixa streets

Photo: das21

Take a walk to Santa Justa Elevator
18:10-18:25 Santa Justa Elevator (Monument, 1,45 €)

Why visit

  • Excellent view over the city
  • Well known Lisbon landmark
Read more about Santa Justa Elevator

Photo: Jorbasa

end of day 1


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Take Tram nr 15 from Cais de Sodre stop to Mosteiro Jerónimos stop (Direction: Alges (Jardim))
10:00-11:00 Jerónimos Monastery (Church, 7 €)

Why visit

  • UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Beatiful example of Manueline architecture
  • Vasco da Gama's resting place
Read more about Jerónimos Monastery

Photo: brilliam

Take a walk to Belém Tower - 20’
11:20-12:20 Belém Tower (Monument, 5 €)

Why visit

  • Iconic Lisbon attraction
  • A symbol of the Age of Discovery
  • Great Manueline architecture
Read more about Belém Tower

Photo: wjhall31

Take a walk to the Monument to the Discoveries - 20’
12:40-13:00 Monument to the Discoveries (Monument, 2.5 €)

Why visit

  • Iconic Lisbon monument
  • World explorers in stone
Read more about Monument to the Discoveries

Photo: B G

Take a walk to Praça do Império - 10’
13:10-13:40 Praça do Império (Park and outdoors, Free)

Why visit

  • Largest square of the Iberian Peninsula
  • Covered by a beautiful city garden
Read more about Praça do Império
Lunch time
Take a walk to the Maritime Museum
15:00-16:00 Maritime Museum (Museum, 4 €)

Why visit

  • One of Portugal's most visited museums
  • Story of Portugal's role in world exploration at sea
Read more about Maritime Museum
Take a walk to the Coach Museum - 20’
16:20-17:20 Coach Museum (Museum, 5 €)

Why visit

  • Magnificent selection of coaches
  • Largest collection of carriages in the world
Read more about Coach Museum
end of day 2


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Take Metro Line Blue to S.Sebastiao station
10:00-12:00 Gulbenkian Museum (Museum, 4 €)

Why visit

  • Outstanding collection from the East and the West
  • Great paintings from Rembrandt to Degas
  • Lush gardens with water features
Read more about Gulbenkian Museum

Photo: xpgomes

Take Metro Line Blue from S.Sebastiao station to Baixa-Chiado station
Change to Metro Line Green to Alameda station
Change to Metro Line Red to Oriente station
Lunch time
14:30-16:00 Park of the Nations (Park and outdoors, Free)

Why visit

  • Striking contemporary architecture
  • Kids will love it
  • Many attractions in a compact area
Read more about Park of the Nations
Take a walk to the Oceanarium
16:00-17:40 Oceanarium (Museum, 12 €)

Why visit

  • Said to be the most impressive aquarium in the world
  • Great place to learn about sealife
  • Stunning experience both for kids and adults
Read more about Oceanarium
end of day 3


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