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Cambridge Common

On this page you find practical information, photos and videos about Cambridge Common.

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Why visit / Interesting facts:

  • Great green space
  • One of the best spots to bring your picnic

Time required: 10 minutes

Public transport:

  • Subway Red Line: Harvard Square

Address: Garden Street and MA Avenue, Cambridge, MA - USA

Things you need to know:

  • Cambridge Common is a public park in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It's right next to Harvard Square and several parts of Harvard University
  • The park has a large park area, playground, baseball field, and a number of monuments (mostly related to the Revolution War)
  • During the Revolutionary War, General George Washington first gathered his troops here. The elm under which they gathered no longer stands, but a plaque marks its place
  • Is the site of an Irish Famine Memorial, dedicated on July 23, 1997, by the President of Ireland at the time, Mary Robinson. A very similar memorial is in downtown Boston as well

What to do there:

  • Read on the grass, join a kickball team, race down a slide - the list goes on. The even shorter list: outdoor fun
  • Take a break from the bustle of Harvard Square
  • Take pictures of the trees in fall, or the lights and statues at night
  • Watch Harvard students try to learn how to throw a Frisbee

Tips & Insights:

  • Though this isn't the very best park you can find in the Boston area, it's a great green space to have on the edge of campus
  • This is a great park for families, especially with the playground and large open spaces
  • Best people-watching time of the year is probably spring - the Harvard students and local families are out in droves
  • One of the best spots to bring your picnic or deli sandwich near campus

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