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Roman Forum and Tower of the Winds

On this page you find practical information, photos and videos about Roman Forum and Tower of the Winds.

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Why visit / Interesting facts:

  • Best known example of Greek agora
  • Ancient Athens' commercial and administrative center

Time required: 45 minutes

Opening hours:

Time period Opening hours
April 1 - Oct 31, daily: 8am - 8pm
Nov 1 - March 31, daily: 8am - 5pm
Public holidays: Closed


Ticket type Charge
General: 2 €

Public transport:

  • Green Metro Line: Monastiraki station

Address: Aiolou and Diogenous, Monastiraki

Things you need to know:

  • Julius Caesar founded the Roman Forum in 51 B.C. and moved Athens' marketplace here from the old Agora. It used to be larger than what we see today
  • The old marketplace was not sufficient to fulfill its purpose. Athens-loving Romans moved into the old Agora site and crowded out the merchants
  • The new forum overtook the old Agora's role of being the city's commercial and administrative center until the 19th century
  • The octagonal Tower of Winds was built in 50 B.C. It depicts the eight winds on its sides. A waterclock was operated inside the tower by a stream from the Acropolis
  • Gate of Athena Archegetis used to be the Western entrance of the marketplace. The columns are made of marble
  • The picturesque Fetiye mosque was built in 1458 to commemorate the Turkish sultan's, Mehmet II the Conqueror's visit to Athens
  • Other highlights: Agoranomeion (Office of the Market Officials), Vespasianae (68-seat Public Latrine), Byzantine Grave Markers, East Gate, Courtyard and the Fountain

What to do there:

  • Walk around the small area and admire the ancient site
  • Do not miss the main ruins: the gate entrance to the market and the Tower of the Winds

Tips & Insights:

  • Save some money by buying a combined ticket that gives access to Akropolis, Agora, Roman Forum, Temple of Olympian Zeus and Kerameikos

Roman Forum and Tower of the Winds features in these preplanned City Guides: