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Ermou Street

On this page you find practical information, photos and videos about Ermou Street.

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Why visit / Interesting facts:

  • Best known shopping street of Athens
  • Great buildings along the way

Time required: 60 minutes

Public transport:

  • Blue Metro Line: Syntagma station
  • Red Metro Line: Syntagma station

Address: Ermou Street

Things you need to know:

  • Ermou Street is a pedestrian shopping street in Athens. It is one of the busiest streets in the city
  • The street starts at Parliament and runs all the way into the acient Kerameikos district. The area closer to Parliament is more upmarket while the lower (western) end is a bit funkier
  • Designer boutiques and all the main chain department stores are present here
  • Greek shoemakers are a vital part of the street. It is an excellent place to buy a pair of stylish Greek leather shoes or the emblematic Greek sandals
  • Beyond the street are loads of used-furniture, antique and speciality shops
  • Sunday's Monastiraki flea market at the lower end provides a truly unique experience

What to do there:

  • Walk along the street and take in the atmosphere: the bustle and the stunning architecture of the street's buildings
  • Do some shopping

Ermou Street features in these preplanned City Guides: