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Istiklal Avenue

On this page you find practical information, photos and videos about Istiklal Avenue.

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Why visit / Interesting facts:

  • Exquisite pedestrian shopping street
  • One of the most famous avenues in Istanbul

Time required: 60 minutes

Public transport:

  • Tünel: Taksim stop

Address: Istiklal Caddesi

Things you need to know:

  • Istiklal Caddessi (Independence Avenue) is an elegant pedestrian shopping street in Istanbul's New Districts. More than 3 million people visit the street daily
  • During the day it is filled with shoppers, in the night it becomes the center of the city's nightlife
  • It houses boutiques, music and bookstores, traditional bakeries, chocolateries, art galleries, cinemas, theaters, cafés, pubs, restaurants and night clubs with live music
  • The avenue was built in 1870 after a devastating fire. The area was rebuilt as a showcase of Art Nouveau Style
  • The street's name commemorates the triumph of the Turkish War of Independence and the declaration of the Turkish Republic
  • Highlights include: historic tram line; the Tunnel (or Tünel, the second oldest subway station in Europe), St. Anthony's Roman Catholic Church, Flower Passage, the fish market, and Aya Triada Greek Orthodox Church

What to do there:

  • Walk along this elegant pedestrian street and enjoy the special atmosphere, the mix of sounds and smells

Tips & Insights:

  • If you walk up from Galatasaray Square it is recommended to take the Tünel
  • It is a great spot for a nice evening or night walk
  • Be prepare that it is always crowded

Istiklal Avenue features in these preplanned City Guides: