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Passports and Visa

Visa requirements

Study the following table for tourist visa requirements to Spain regarding your nationality. Different regulations apply if you travel on business or stay longer than 90 days. In such cases, please disregard the below table and consult the pertinent regulations.

USA flag USA No visa required
Canada flag Canada No visa required
EU flag EU No visa required
Australia flag Australia No visa required
New Zealand flag New Zealand No visa required
Japan flag Japan No visa required
China flag China Visa required
South Korea flag South Korea No visa required

Citizens of countries not displayed in the above table, please use the following widget to inquire about tourist visa requirtements for Spain:

Lost or stolen passports

Contact your country's embassy or consulate immediately, if your passport is lost or stolen. (Consulates and embassies >)

Photocopy your passport's critical pages and store it separate from your passport.